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Wetherby abandoned

PA News

Wetherby’s meeting on Thursday has been abandoned due to a waterlogged track.

Clerk of the course James Sanderson called a 2.30pm inspection after a deluge of rainfall over the last few days, but with the situation untenable, officials abandoned earlier than the intended assessment of the rain-sodden track.

Sanderson said: “There was no sign of any improvement. There is standing water in one or two places and it is just a little bit false in one or two places as well.”

He added: “The forecast doesn’t really give us any cause for optimism so we thought we may as well let people know as quickly as possible.”

Rain!! I live in Dublin and haven’t seen rain for nearly a week!! :)

Well, I did say they were tentative selections :)

14:10 Ayr KIWIJIMBO Unp@14/1

15:45 Ayr DORIS’S GIFT 3rd@7/2

19:20 Kempton JOSR’S MAGIC Unp@8/1

No system picks for today.

Good morning world!. Well I’m in a much better frame of mind after my New Year shenanigans and have managed to pick out some (rather tentative!)  personal picks. I think a couple of them are more hopeful selections rather than a cast iron belief  that they will finish placed but as its the beginning of the year I think I’m allowed to indulge myself :)

14:10 Ayr  KIWIJIMBO

15:45 Ayr  DORIS’S GIFT

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