OK, we have now reached day one of the new valuescope year. As I wrote on the valuescope page, this year I intend to follow the valuescope column from the Daily Mirror newspaper every week. It made around 370 points profit in 2007 alone- more than enough to pay for next Christmas :)

I will be using €10, £10, $10, (whatever your currency maybe) per point. As bets suggested are normally 2 points each way and I’ll be using betfair as opposed to conventional bookies, I’ve decided that a 2 point bet each way for my purposes will constitute a €13 bet on the win market and €7 bet on the place market. Obviously, recommended straight win bets will be at a tenner a point. I hope this all makes sense but I’m sure you will all catch on as the year progresses. I will keep results and monies earnt updated in the relevant valuescope page on this site.

Anyway, on to today’s first helping and it looks like we start the year with a relatively short (for valuescope) priced bet at a suggested 11/2.


Suggested bet: 2pts win

I managed to get €20 (2 points) on betfair at odds of 6.00 (5/1). If the horse wins I make a clear profit of €95.00.

So, fingers crossed for today and here’s hoping we start with a flyer!

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