My name is Tony (aelara to my forum friends) and this little corner of the internet has been born out of my decision that it was time that my blog ‘Tony’s Massey Systems’, over at, evolve and grow up.

As the short site description at the top of the page says: horse racing systems, tips, news, views, discussion and photos. Basically, I won’t be just concentrating an Massey systems any more. I will of course be running them but there will be other systems, picks or whatever you like to call them, news stories, articles, discussions (I hope), etc, etc- you get my drift. The old blog will remain on-line as a kind of archive as I will not be importing the posts here. I feel I need to start afresh and importing old posts kind of defeats the purpose.

So welcome one and all to my new site and I look forward to all your comments and remarks.

If you need to contact me, feel free to do so at tony[at]horseracingtipsandbanter[dot]com

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