Finally… we have a selection :)

System 6 18:20 Kempton  CALLOFF THE SEARCH (5/4)

With a forecast price of only 5/4 and being a classified  (class 7) race to boot, I wouldn’t start shouting down the rafters with this one! But hey, at the end of the day, a selection is a selection and we haven’t had one for ages!

Good morning world.

Yet again we have no selections for system 6 today. This may be a good opportunity to explain that one of the main criteria for system 6 is that it only takes selections from 6 furlong races. Add a few other criteria into the mix and you can see how thinly spread the selections would be in the winter time. Obviously the system was intended to be a mainly summer affair (was averaging about two picks a day during last summer) but as we still have all-weather racing at this time of year, I took the decision to let the system just run through. :)

Morning all!

No system picks again this morning, I’m afraid. January and February tend to be like that with generally around ten picks on average per month.

No system selections again today

Right, here are the 2007 final results for system 6:

258 selections

56 Wins

121 Placed (including wins)

Total Points: 34.62

21.70% strike rate

13.41% ROI

The system fared terribly up to the 27th of June at which point it was showing a loss of 33.39 points! What this says though is that for the second half of the year we had a 60 point swing the other way, which was fantastic. On the back of this I checked previous years results to see if there was any pattern that was being followed. Well, I can tell you that there wasn’t. Certain months that were disastrous in 2007 for example, did well in 2006. Months that did well in 2007 didn’t do so well in 2005.

Bottom line is, I think, to stick with the system through thick and thin because at the end of the day, it has posted profits every single year from 2001 (that’s as far as my records go back) :)

Yet again we have no selections for the system today. I have gathered some interesting stats for System 6’s performance in 2007, which I shall share with you a little later.

Good morning world. I am a bit late with my posting today but being Sunday morning I’m sure you all understand :)

Another blank today for the system- no selections.

No system selections again today I’m afraid :(

Good morning everybody. Well, no system selections again today. Don’t forget that I will be starting the valuescope challenge from tomorrow so watch this space!

No selections again today. I have another system in the pipeline but it’s still going through the testing stage at the moment. As soon as I feel its up to scratch then I will start posting it here.

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