Well, it’s taken me all day but I have finally managed to resolve the issue with the blog not showing properly in Internet Explorer. I have had to change the blog theme to do it though but at the end of the day I’d rather have a fully visible blog than a pretty one :)

I’ve just found out that users of Internet Explorer can’t view the site properly. I checked it out and found the whole blog was concentrated down the left side of the page! As I use Firefox, I was totally unaware of this problem until last night. Since then I have been rooting around the internet to find a solution. Apparently, this is quite a common problem with some Wordpress (the blog software/theme I use) themes and looks like IE can’t handle certain code and scripts as well as Firefox can. Anyway, this was just to let you all know that I am aware of the problem and shall be working on it today but will post up selections before hand as obviously racing will not wait for no man!

PS For all you Internet Explorer users- isn’t about time you changed to a decent web browser?  :)

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