I’ve just been browsing the Sporting Life website and this is what I saw: Catterick abandoned today, Limerick abandoned today, Kelso inspection Friday, Saturday at Punchestown in doubt, Carlisle on Sunday in doubt, Wetherby on Saturday is now an all hurdle affair after the chases were cancelled….

I really, really do not like this time of the year :(

This from the GG.com website



Wetherby abandoned

PA News

Wetherby’s meeting on Thursday has been abandoned due to a waterlogged track.

Clerk of the course James Sanderson called a 2.30pm inspection after a deluge of rainfall over the last few days, but with the situation untenable, officials abandoned earlier than the intended assessment of the rain-sodden track.

Sanderson said: “There was no sign of any improvement. There is standing water in one or two places and it is just a little bit false in one or two places as well.”

He added: “The forecast doesn’t really give us any cause for optimism so we thought we may as well let people know as quickly as possible.”

Rain!! I live in Dublin and haven’t seen rain for nearly a week!! :)

First of all let me wish everybody a happy, prosperous and most importantly, healthy New Year!

New Year for me couldn’t have started any worse. Yesterday afternoon, around 4PM my electricity tripped. No probs I thought, just go and flick the switch like normal and everything will be hunky-dory. Well my friends, not this time. The main circuit breaker had burnt through and melted the fick switch into position. It had me flummoxed for about ten minutes and when the swearing had abated I suddenly remembered it was evening time on New Years Eve! Sh*te! Bottom line was all the shops had closed and I couldn’t get hold of anyone to come round and fix it. Myself, the wife and three kids endured til midday today without electricity until we finally located an electrician who was willing to come out and fix the problem. €200 later everything is working again. We were in bed by ten last night and the house was freezing. We couldn’t get out of bed until after eight this morning because it was still pitch black. I’m telling you, it couldn’t get any worse and if this is the way the New Year has dawned, then I dread to think what the rest of the year will be like :(

Needless to say, I haven’t managed any selections today but I will be back to normal tomorrow (unless a water main bursts or something!)

My name is Tony (aelara to my forum friends) and this little corner of the internet has been born out of my decision that it was time that my blog ‘Tony’s Massey Systems’, over at http://aelaras.blogspot.com,  evolve and grow up. Readers of that blog will no doubt be aware that things were a bit flat, boring even- posting system selections everyday and updating the tables every evening. This was not what I had originally intended the blog to be about but due to negligence on my part I suppose, I just let it roll on and on. Well, enough was enough so I decided to take action. This first thing I did was  register a domain name (I hope everybody likes it :)) and then it was time for a whole new, fresh look for the blog, so over to wordpress and hey presto!

As the short site description at the top of the page says: horse racing systems, tips, news, views, discussion and photos. Basically, I won’t be concentrating an Massey systems any more.  I will of course be running them but there will be other systems, picks or whatever you want to call them, news stories, articles, discussions (I hope), etc, etc- you get my drift.

So welcome one and all to my new site and I look forward to all your comments and remarks.

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